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Jeffrey Tanenbaum

Lic. R.E. Salesperson
Office:(212) 381-3308
Mobile:(646) 234-2226

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Executive Of The Month Tanenbaum Of Halstead Property- Surgeon Turned Commercial Real Estate Magnate Loves The Art Of A Perfect Deal

New York, NY Not only can Dr. Jeff Tanenbaum save your life but, he can find you a perfect residence. Tanenbaum who currently serves as a licensed real estate salesperson at Halstead Property was previously at Prudential Douglas Elliman and Barak Realty where he consistently was the highest grossing producer at the company, selling numerous multi-million dollar co-ops and condos. In 2013, Tanenbaum received the award for the Greatest Number of Transactions in Halstead's flagship Park Ave. office for 2013. His inestimable energy and extensive knowledge of real estate is raising more eyebrows than a celebrity passing through a small town.

"Jeff's mind is an ocean of knowledge on real estate combined with good business instincts. He's a positive person to work with and he's someone whom you know you can trust to do the right thing," said Cathy Robley, a client of Tanenbaum.

Tanenbaum has been a broker since 1999 and prior hand; he built a thriving medical practice in Houston, Tex. He was trained as a surgeon and invested in real estate at the same time.

"Ever since growing up in a rental apt in Forest Hills, I dreamed of owning my own home. When we moved to Houston, I looked at 48 separate houses before buying our first home. Our friends call us the "Gypsybaums" because I love to move from one house to another staying about 10 years at most in each home," said Tanenbaum. "I always wanted a home in Manhattan and in 2001, I bought my first condo. It was less than the size of a standard two-car garage, 364 s/f. I paid $300,000. I painted the unit, stained the floors, furnished the apt to the hilt, i.e., sheets, pillowcase, plates, silverware, all furniture, and sold the apt for a $100,000 in profit in less than four months. I eventually bought, renovated, furnished, and flipped eleven units in about four years. My wife finally asked me if I want to sell my five medical offices and move back to New York City."

As Tanenbaum's voracious passion for real estate continued to grow, a fateful lunch with Barbara Cocoran opened his eyes to the bigger picture. Cocoran suggested that with his knowledge of the Manhattan market and specialty having been a surgeon, Tanenbaum would attain great success if he created a medical niche; Cocoran was right.

"After seven years, I am blessed to have created the largest niche in the rental and sale of medical spaces in Manhattan and as a spin-off to that, I have formed a substantial team for the sale of residential spaces in Manhattan as well. In 2013, I sold more townhouses in the city than 95% of all other agents combined. So, I do sell commercial spaces, townhouses, along with professional/medical spaces, along with residential spaces," said Tanenbaum.

Like a Piscasso or Davinci, Tanenbaum says that he loves to be an artist on deals and have all participating parties leave with a deep sense of satisfaction.

"I bring a lot to the table: expertise, a comprehensive knowledge of the market and current market trends, on target comparative pricing skills, and strong negotiating skills. I believe in business transactions at arms length leaving emotion out of the business component of the deal. I know how and when to listen. These skills, along with a highly developed business strategy and marketing plan, have enabled me in this most competitive of real estate markets to become one of the top 5% of all agents in Manhattan," said Tanenbaum.

Beyond white fire enthusiasm and laser focus, Tanenbaum says that there are certain characteristics that successful Realtors have which make them stand out amongst an ever growing industry.

"Always know your product. You must have realistic expectations of what you are able to do for your seller or buyer. You must impart realistic expectations to your seller or buyer. You must understand comparables over the past six months to a year to determine the right price for a piece of real estate. Most importantly, whether you work with a buyer or seller, never put you the broker's concerns before the ones you are working for; never consider your commission first. Once you do, and your buyer or seller feel that, they will be gone and you will have lost that commission before you have it. Always put the seller or buyer first," said Tanenbaum. "Finally, make showings convenient. Be flexible and ready to show weekends, days, evening, night etc. Work for your customer or client. My truism, and I mean truism to my buyers and sellers, is: 'Consider it done!' Whether it be vetting information on the property, scheduling the appointment to get into the property, you name, 'consider it done!'"

Tanenbaum reveals that 27 years as a doctor have also given him a unique and added perception on working with his clients. He can bring a natural caregiver attitude towards them like a respectable medical professional would bring towards their patients. Because Tanenbaum has such extensive training in being able to correctly read people, he can maximize his listening, intuition, and awareness skills to their peak potential.

When Tanenbaum made the commitment to peruse his dream of real estate in 1999, the Big Apple was the only market he could fathom working in.

"There is no city in the world like New York. Everyone coming to the city wishes they could live here. I get customers wanting to buy property literally from every corner of the world. The culture, art, theater, food, architecture, and diverse population really show the world how lucky we are to inhabit this world and our similarities are much more noticeable than our differences. There is no place on earth like it," said Tanenbaum.

When he isn't offering his medical or real estate expertise to enhance the life of another human being, he spends time with family.

"Priority number one always. I have always created an environment where all four of us, my wife, my two boys, and myself are extremely close. Having had a rough childhood, family to me is the most important relationship there is. I love to travel to see my son and his family in Los Angeles, especially now, my new grandson Jack. I also love to visit my younger son living in Buenos Aires," he said.

"My accomplishments in real estate are many but having only been a broker for seven years, I am still a work in progress. My understanding of professionalism I try very hard to impart to my other agents. My attempts to create an awareness among coop boards to permit the sale of a medical office as a primary residence allowing me to cast a wider net in bringing more buyers to the doors of the physician offices I am entrusted to sell is extremely significant. I can say I have lots more to do, but I have made an impact on my new profession in many positive ways," said Tanenbaum.

Monday, June 23, 2014